Toronto’s Cory Stewart Returns for “One More Day With You” in Raw and Reflective New Dance-Pop Single

The new song, set to be released on April 5, 2024, is the first off of Stewart’s upcoming sophomore album, and marks his return to music after over a year hiatus

TORONTO, ON (March 5, 2024) – On April 5, 2024, Canadian pop singer and writer Cory Stewart makes his triumphant return to music with his latest dance-pop single, “One More Day With You”. This heartfelt anthem, written during a poignant moment in Stewart’s life, encapsulates the raw emotion and gratefulness for one more day with a cherished loved one. 


“One More Day With You” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of Stewart’s self-discovery. Written in the summer of 2023 during a time of uncertainty and emotional turmoil, the track captures the essence of Stewart’s experience as he faced the possibility of losing someone dear to him. Infused with an introspective earthy essence and enriched by nature-based sound samples (recorded by Stewart), the song immerses listeners in a world of emotion and self-discovery.  

Accompanying the release of “One More Day With You” is a visually stunning music video, produced, edited, shot and directed by Stewart. Through breathtaking visuals and heartfelt storytelling, the music video brings Stewart’s emotive lyrics to life, offering viewers a glimpse into the depth of his musical expression.

Produced by longtime collaborator and JUNO winner Gavin Bradley, “One More Day With You” showcases Stewart’s evolution as an artist while staying true to his signature sound. With its upbeat tempo and infectious melodies, the song is a testament to Stewart’s ability to craft music that resonates authentically with audiences across the globe.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “One More Day With You” and his upcoming album, Cory Stewart shares, “This song is something I hope others will relate to. The concept of taking something so precious for granted in our lives and being faced with a moment where we may lose it. Whether that’s a parent, loved one, friend, or even ourselves – this song is a reminder for me to cherish those I hold close to my heart.”

Offering fans a taste of what’s to come, ”One More Day With You” is the first of several upcoming singles set to be released from Stewart’s as-of-yet untitled sophomore album. With Stewart’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories, listeners can expect the unexpected with each upcoming release.

About Cory Stewart:

Cory Stewart (The Orchard) has been described as a wickedly witty pop artist with a “smooth voice” (Billboard, 2020) who creates “fearless, unapologetic and relentlessly catchy” music (Canadian Beats, 2018). Cory has been a supporting act for several legendary artists including Boy George and Crystal Waters. Stewart’s debut album ‘TOV’ was released in January 2021, hitting #9 on the iTunes Pop Charts and receiving overwhelming praise from critics.

A Royal Conservatory of Music vocal program graduate, Stewart has been a songwriter and student of music since the age of seven, receiving accolades from numerous music festivals across Canada. Cory has also toured and performed in several countries around the world including Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

Cory recently completed The QUEERANTINE North American tour for which he was recognized with an award from the 2022 Wavy Awards for his work in the Queer music community.